Enterprise resources planning business and technology concept.As your business has grown over the years, perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s not operating as efficiently as it once was. You have outgrown the current infrastructure of your business. How can an up-to-date Cloud ERP software help?

Cloud-ERP software can streamline all your business systems including accounting, HR, IT, project management, etc. to operate all under one program. Integrating multiple departments saves valuable time, money and resources helping you save money and operate more efficiently.

If you are still undecided on converting to Cloud ERP as your company’s business automation solution, here are 10 reasons why it could be the right solution for your organization.

  1. Improved efficiency: Operating all of your business functions under one system greatly increases efficiency. Your company’s IT resources will be freed up saving time and money. Functions previously handled by your IT team including software upgrades and cloud security are included in Cloud ERP software services. Those resources can be dedicated to other areas of your company that need attention to help your company grow.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: As regulatory compliance requirements increase each year, your company needs help in making sure your organization remains compliant. By automating regulatory compliance requirements, you can potentially save your company thousands or millions of dollars in fines if you are found to be in violation of regulatory compliance regulations. ERP software will allow you access to real-time information across company systems needed for regulatory reporting.
  3. Mobility: Cloud ERP is accessible through mobile devices if you have employees who work remotely that need to collaborate with your home office to complete tasks or work on projects with other team members. Team members can collaborate on projects in real-time and edit documents simultaneously.
  4. Analytics: One major benefit of Cloud ERP software is increased analytical capabilities. Modern ERP systems are equipped with powerful analytical features which gathers real-time information from large volumes of data it gathers every day and converts that information to useful reports from multiple company systems. This allows you to predict future trends and make any necessary planning adjustments and make big business decisions quickly.
  5. Access to real-time data: Cloud ERP records and reports transactions across multiple business systems as they happen. Information can be relayed across departments ensuring smooth company operations. Company decision makers can get a real-time view at any time of how the business is performing. Management can see areas that are underperforming and make any necessary improvements.
  6. Financial management: Improved financial function across systems is a valuable asset of Cloud ERP software. Cash management, general ledger transactions, payroll, currency and asset management are a few of the financial functions handled by ERP systems. Every transaction is recorded across multiple systems where management can see its impact and help with the financial decision making process.
  7. Marketing benefits: Did you know that converting to the Cloud can also increase your company’s digital marketing footprint? Analytical capabilities will help you identify target audiences for your products and services by identifying which customers make the most purchases and which products or services they purchase. Those customers and potential markets can be targeted by marketing campaigns including social media platforms.
  8. Increased sales capabilities: Your sales department can benefit from analytics and CRM capability of Cloud ERP software. You can see track orders and customers from initial contact through the final sale and direct sales dollars to areas which have experienced the most success.
  9. Customer service: The customer service benefits of Cloud ERP software should not be overlooked. CRM metrics including billing and relationship tracking can improve customer satisfaction levels. You can quickly answer customer inquiries regarding orders, deliveries, and customer returns with real-time data. Improved customer satisfaction levels means repeat customers for your business along with increased profits for your organization.
  10. Data security: Cyber security has increased in importance with the uptick in cyber attacks including ransomware and phishing scams in recent years. Cloud ERP system have sophisticated data security systems to help prevent security breaches. Continuous data security monitoring is a built-in benefit of modern ERP systems. You can relax knowing your customer data is safe and protected.

Your business needs the best and most accurate real-time information at its fingertips to make big business decisions quickly. It’s time to get on board with the latest in business automation, Cloud ERP software. You’ll have the tools you need for your business to fulfill its growth potential.

Premier Computer has over six decades of experience as the premier business automation provider in Utah, we’ve performed over 500 ERP implementations. You can trust that we have the experience to transform the way your organization operates by streamlining all your business systems. Contact us to learn more about how our ERP Cloud software solutions can help with your business automation needs.