Making the most of your employees’ time is not only great for your company, it can also improve their work-life balance. ERP software and business automation solutions offer great options for improving employee efficiency. Let’s explore 3 ways cloud ERP software can improve your team’s productivity.

Happy african american businessman using phone mobile apps at workplaceCentralized software

If your business doesn’t have a dedicated IT department, employees can spend hours troubleshooting and updating software on their own. Even if your company does have an IT staff, individuals are oftentimes reluctant to ask for help. When it comes time to update your software, IT departments can spend a large amount of time syncing the updates on all of the individual devices.

Cloud ERP systems allow for all the needed software to exist on a single remote server. Adding new software, or updating existing software, can all happen at a single place and time. This greatly reduces the time your employees or your IT department have to spend on these tasks.

Automated business processes

It’s possible to automate even the most time-consuming business processes. Stock management, for example, can be tedious and also require high levels of concentration to ensure quality and accuracy. By automating this process, employees have more time to focus on other matters. What’s more, the technology makes quality and accuracy guaranteed.

Another advantage of automating processes is the reduction of human errors. When an error does occur, employees have to spend time tracking it down and correcting the mistake. Errors can also result in other expenses such as missing stock or missing orders.

Automating your business processes essentially eliminates errors of clerical, scheduling, and enumerating nature. These are only some of the types of errors that cloud ERP software can help with. Contact our specialist if you would like to learn more about eliminating errors.

Document revision history

Cloud systems have a configuration to automatically backup each revision of a document. This comes in very handy when there is an accidental deletion of a document. On top of this, there are times when an employee wishes to either revert or investigate what changes have been made to a document. Rather than having to talk with everyone that edited the document, they can easily see the version history.

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