Premier Computing is proud to introduce AdoBOTs, the tool that helps you speed up your vital processes while ensuring accuracy. AdoBOTs work on a large number of platforms without having to rely on API access. Deployment is fast, you can be up and running with an AdoBOT in just a few short weeks. See how companies enjoy increased efficiency with reduced costs by using AdoBOTs.


Fast, Efficient, and Accurate

Freeing you from tedious processes so you can leverage your greatest asset: your people. AdoBOTs™ ensures every step is completed quickly and correctly, without being held back by api or database connectivity limitations.

Reduce The Cost of Your Processes

Wouldn’t you like to dedicate your capital to more than just software? AdoBOTs™ employ a unique approach to automation that reduces costs associated with api and database connectivity limits. You will also find our monthly subscription to be one of the lowest around, providing significant and measurable value.

Broad Platform Support

Keep using the software platforms that work for your company, AdoBOTs™ add functionality to the top business software platforms, including Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Sage, SAP, Quickbooks and more.

Fill Communication Gaps

The teams in your company are focused on their specific tasks, which makes them great at what they do. That focus can make the exchange of data between departments difficult. AdoBOTs™ provide solutions to many of the common gaps seen in companies.

Available Bots

Automate the pulling and classification of every Amazon order. Pull in batches of orders verses pulling in one order at a time.

Automate commissions using simple rules and the BOT will do all the work, assigning commissions to the right people for the right amounts.

Automate and integrate Acumatica with Paylocity so all data can be shared automatically between the two platforms.

Automate the sales order process with multiple ways of inputting the sales order, including via email. Once it’s imported everything gets routed correctly.

The Shipping Bot can automate integration and allow for the quick processing of data with Acumatica and increase the efficiency of your shipping.

Automate bank reconciliation, including credit card rec, daily, cash, account rec, matching transactions and more with this easy-to-use Bot.

Automate the entry of Accounts Payable, radically reducing the amount time it takes.

AdoBOTs can automate the flow of data between Criterion and other systems with or without API’s.

Make it a simple process to close out the books every day and at the end of the month, turning it into a much faster process.

Automate the flow of data between Acumatica and your Shopify Account. No manual intervention.

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