In our previous blog, we discussed many instances where automation won’t work well for your business. This blog will explore all the great instances that automation can help. A reminder that automation for HR is not trying to push out employees, but rather provide better tools for them do to their jobs in the most effective way possible while getting rid of time consuming, mundane processes.

What can HR Automation do for You?

Outside of these functions, automation can be helpful to your HR employees to ensure your company is a well-oiled machine. Some automation ideas specific to HR are listed below:

  • Create an efficient and mistake-free onboarding process for new hires as well as assign required training. No more concern over missed information during the hiring and training process. You can ensure they get all the information they need, and you can even record which trainings have been completed with a checklist.
  • Automate time tracking and the approval process. We’ve found this a crowd favorite for pretty much all HR employees. Timesheets are a tedious process that can easily get pushed aside until it’s a rush. They’re also a common spot where mistakes are made and tracking down incorrect information is a big time waster. By providing the ability for your HR staff to quickly approve timesheets, you are preventing a lot of frustration and chance for error.
  • Improve the payroll process. This is another time-consuming task for your HR department that doesn’t need to be. With automation, you can tackle payroll, taxes, expenses, and more with ease.
  • Track vacation days and vacation requests. This helps ensure you don’t approve someone’s vacation time if there’s a conflict. Also, it’s so much easier and accurate to keep track of how much vacation time an employee has left with an automated system. We’ve heard about large companies sometimes still handwriting down their employees’ vacation on a chart as their sole way of tracking vacations. Think of how easy mistakes and discrepancies are in that system!
  • Have one location for all HR-related employee requests. This is kindof like the automated chats on a website that have a pre-scripted response to common questions. This process not only saves time for the employee, but it also ensures the questions are always responded to with accurate answers. Of course, your employees will still have the ability to response to the necessary requests and questions, making sure your HR department still is friendly and accessible.
  • Integration of HR tools and processes. As your business gets more and more into automation, HR personnel can be a great asset for integrating all these tools and processes. From setting up apps on employees phones to integrating data between connecting apps or programs, having an automation guru on your team will be helpful to the success of your company.

You can put your mind at ease with the many automation tools available. It can seem confusing, and that’s normal at first. For all your questions, our expert team is available to make sure you understand the entire process. It’s great to start your automation journey with HR needs then expand from there once you’re comfortable.