business people meeting at officeSo, you’ve decided to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for your business. Congratulations! But what should the first step be? It is time to put together a team that spans all aspects of your business so that you can align on priorities and timelines. Assembling the right people is critical to the success of your ERP implementation.

Here are the people who you need to call on to make this project successful and what role each should play.


Selecting and implementing an ERP has to start from the top of the organization. Having an executive guide the vision of why an ERP is needed, what its priorities should be and how the implementation process should work is key to a successful rollout. Another key component of the executive’s role is providing the motivation for the project and steering the ship when the project inevitably hits a rough patch.

Project Lead

The project lead will be the person who does the heavy lifting and keeps the implementation process on track. This person should be highly organized and motivated. It should also be someone who sees the executive’s vision for how the ERP will strengthen the business. A good existing relationship with the executive also is a good foundation, but having an open mind and being adaptable is more important.

This person will be responsible for getting all team members, and in turn all employees, on the same page in regard to how the ERP will benefit the company. Good messaging early on will keep the process moving smoothly. Be mindful that not all team members or employees communicate in the same way, so a mix of verbal and written messages at each step of the process is crucial.

Team Delegates

You will need representatives from every team affected by the ERP rollout, think finance, HR, customer service, IT, etc. The delegate from each team should expect to report back to their respective teams with tasks assigned by the overall project lead. These delegates should be people who can communicate clearly and effectively since they will be taking information back and forth from the project group to their individual work units.

These delegates are the cogs in the machine, as they will be doing a lot of prep work to get ready for the ERP implementation while also following up after the system is in place. They will ensure the success — or failure — of the project.

Each of these roles is important to implementing your ERP solution. We are happy to assist with all ERP needs and get your team’s plan rolling. Contact us today: