61206580_MConverting your business automation system to the cloud has many advantages. Businesses all over the world have come to realize its benefits. Business systems can be streamlined into one central hub with anytime access to employees, including those working remotely. To maximize the benefits of cloud ERP software, proper planning is essential.

Here are five steps to follow in the cloud conversion process.

#1. Define your goals. Determining what processes are in need of improvement is the first step. These are a few of the questions to ask when defining your goals: How does your organization run? What existing technology do you already have in place? How does your existing technology need to change to meet your organization’s business automation goals? What processes are not working in the way you had hoped?

#2. Assign your team. This team will oversee data migration priorities and strategies. You will need an IT team who is familiar with cloud computing for a successful integration, plus highly organized and motivated to see the implementation run smoothly from beginning to end. If necessary, implement training to make the transition flow smoothly.

#3. Find the right plan. This is where a consultant can help you. The consultant understands the cloud solution offering along with all of its capabilities. He has the experience to find the right fit to meet your company’s unique business automation needs. Talking through the process with an experienced consultant will help you find a solution that will truly meet your needs and perform as expected.

#4. Train your staff. Implementing a new business automation system can transform your business to operate more efficiently. However, any new system requires proper employee training to realize its full potential. Once employees feel confident with the new system, they’ll embrace it and feel ready to utilize it during their everyday work environment.

#5. Evaluate successes and failures, then implement any needed changes. Every business is different and finding the right fit can sometimes be a process of trial and error. After you’ve implemented your system, you’ll likely see things that are working as expected or better and some things that are not living up to your expectations. After you’ve reviewed your company’s progress over the first few months, make any adjustments as needed.

Premier Computing has proudly been serving Utah businesses with business automation solutions since 1952. We offer consulting services to evaluate your company’s needs to determine the right ERP solution for you. We also will train your staff to use your new system in your everyday work environment.

If you have any questions about the benefits of Cloud ERP solutions for your business, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll be glad to help! Contact us to learn more.