14035380 - hand holding connected digital network worldToday’s modern business has many moving parts that must fit and operate together like a well-oiled machine to keep it running smoothly. Customers demand speedy and efficient service and businesses must adapt to keep up with those customer demands. Cloud technology has helped organizations increase efficiency and productivity. Cloud ERP software enables your business with the tools for success to transform your business.

As a business owner, you know running your business efficiently matters more than ever before in today’s digital age. As you increase the efficiency and speed in handling customer requests, the stronger your reputation grows and the more clients you will retain. Those customers will, in turn, share the excellent service received from your organization which increases your new customers and overall, your bottom line.

So how exactly can business automation help your business run more efficiently? One of the most common issues a business struggles with is its ability to provide real-time integration across multiple departments within the organization. Cloud ERP software gives everyone in your organization access to information without restriction on the number of users. Employees have real-time access to important projects and essential data from anywhere and at any time of the day or night.

Here is an overview of some of the services you can expect to receive through a partnership with Premier Computing for your business automation needs.

  • Backup and disaster services: Premier Storage Logic is a backup service that allows you to backup your system with the security of the cloud. Should a disaster occur, you’ll be back up and running without a loss of essential data, files, or applications.
  • Cloud services: Cloud services provide you with the ability to share files securely and collaborate in real-time on team projects, presentations, and more. Files are stored remotely on servers maintained by top industry experts.
  • Consulting services: When you partner with Premier Computing, you will receive the necessary ERP software that fits your company’s needs along with training to show you how to implement the software in your everyday work environment.
  • Development services: Premier Computing employs some of the most experienced software developers in the industry with the ability to provide software to integrate all of your business applications, modify your existing software, or even build an entirely new application to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • Dynamics GP support: Dynamics GP is a customizable accounting solution that integrates with Microsoft Office applications and the cloud. It is an ideal solution for small to midsize businesses to cut IT infrastructure costs while still maintaining an efficient and powerful accounting software application. We provide training and support for Microsoft Dynamics GP to keep your accounting processes running efficiently.
  • Infrastructure services: We offer consulting services and manpower for upgrading offices to a larger space. We can provide the infrastructure services you need for small office spaces to large multi-building campuses. Our professional office movers and installers will have your new location up and running quickly.
  • Managed services: Our managed services help keep your systems and equipment performing at optimum levels. We remotely monitor your IT network and can quickly spot vulnerabilities and resource issues. We can provide immediate assistance anytime you need it. We provide software updates and patches whenever a need is detected to help your company avoid costly security breaches and prevent slow system performance. Anytime you have a need, you can submit an online ticket and we’ll get to work on your issue quickly.
  • Procurement: Do you know exactly what equipment you’ll need to operate efficiently? You probably do not, but that is okay because we do! We’ll help you with obtaining the best equipment to suit your unique business automation needs including office computers, printers, RAM, hardware, etc., at the best available prices.
  • Transformation Resource Planning (TRP): TRP is an entirely new market segment we have developed to enable your organization to have unlimited cloud users with real-time access at any time and from anywhere allowing your organization to operate at new levels of efficiency and productivity. Our complete solution has financial, distribution, construction management, eCommerce, field service capabilities and so much more.

Upgrading your business automation systems to work the way you need them to shouldn’t be a difficult process or one that breaks the bank. With us, it won’t be. We provide consulting, developmental, and support services for a seamless process from beginning to end. Our services are fast, efficient, and affordable. We will align your organization’s needs with a Cloud ERP software solution that fits and enables your company with the tools for success.

Premier Computing has been providing business automation services to Utah companies since 1952. We have performed over 500 ERP implementations. Let us have a discussion with you about how our Cloud ERP software solutions can help your organization operate at maximum efficiency. Contact us to set up a consultation.