For distribution and manufacturing companies looking to integrate their order processing and inventory with Microsoft Dynamics GP, let’s set you up with SalesPad Desktop. This solution expands your Dynamics GP to include management of order entry, purchasing, sales, and inventory.

Improve your inventory visibility with this seamless integration. What more can it do for your business? Here’s a clear picture of the features we love and the benefits we’ve seen for our customers.

SalesPad Features

Here are eight great features that will improve the work lives of your customer service teams and sales reps. Plus, with SalesPad, you won’t need to pay the cost per seat of Dynamics GP.

  1. Inventory management
  2. Workflow
  3. Counter sales
  4. Sales order processing
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Search
  7. Customer relationship management (CRM)
  8. Outlook integration

SalesPad Process Improvement

Below are several of the ways we’ve seen how SalesPad provides process improvement for clients:

  • It takes Microsoft Dynamic GP’s inventory capabilities to a whole new level. With SalesPad’s full-featured inventory management you’ll have analytics tools at your fingertips to make educated purchasing decisions and know exactly where your items are located.
  • Gain visibility of your business workflow to remove bottlenecks. You can eliminate costly errors and reduce holding expenses, knowing that only the orders that should leave your warehouse go out the door.
  • Provide your customers with an efficient order entry platform with catalog-style item selection, credit card processing, signature capture, and end-of-day reporting. SalesPad makes it easy to create a user-friendly eCommerce web portal for business-to-business transactions.
  • Simply build and configure a bill of material (BOM), whether it’s custom or standard. You can easily do inventory BOM’s and assembly transactions. SalesPad integrates with the manufacturing module with Dynamics GP to optimize your processes.
  • Provide amazing customer service through visibility into interactions, orders, and prospects. Give your team superior tools to provide top-notch quality of service.

See it in action

Get in touch with us today to see how SalesPad Desktop can fit with your business and Microsoft Dynamics GP. We’re happy to help. SalesPad Desktop and Dynamics GP write to and read from the same database. The integration is seamless. Your teams work with real-time data.

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