Businesses are oftentimes working on slim profit margins and any money saved can be crucial. Even when this is not the case, it’s always a good idea to see where a business can eliminate certain costs while maintaining or increasing operating efficiency.

Some effective methods for reducing costs are eliminating human error and automating tasks. Cloud ERP software systems and business automation provide great, scalable solutions for increasing efficiency while simultaneously cutting costs. Some examples include reducing hardware costs, automatic audit trail reports, automatic supply chains, automatic inventory management, and reduced IT time.

Let’s explore these options and others in more detail:

Entrepreneur working with a phone and laptop in a coffee shopReduce money spent on hardware

Many businesses, whether they realize it or not, have implemented various on-premise ERP systems. This can be a costly venture due to purchasing servers, installing software, setting up operating systems, and creating a cooled environment to house it all. On top of that, you have to hire or train someone to keep up on the maintenance of these systems, and it is still possible for the hardware to break and fail.

Cloud ERP systems eliminate the need for hardware and come with the necessary tools and resources to easily maintain the servers in desired ways. Premier Computing also has a team of professionals who can provide any type of support with cloud ERP systems and business automation processes.

Reduce your regulatory compliance budget

As regulatory compliance standards change and become more rigorous, it’s only natural that the cost to keep up with these standards will increase as well. These changes will require more bookkeeping, more reports, and workplace adaptation to keep businesses compliant.

Business automation and cloud ERP software offer a great solution to stay ahead of compliance regulations in a way that is both seamless for your budget and employees. With these systems in place, employees can perform their jobs without extraneous compliance tasks stealing away focus. To learn more visit our blog on how cloud ERP software can help with regulatory compliance.

Automatic inventory control processes

Manually tracking and updating the amount of inventory your business has can be both a time consuming and error-prone process. These errors can waste resources, especially when a lack of product exists or an accidental purchase of surplus product occurs due to inaccurate counts.

Automatic inventory control will eliminate these errors and cut down manual time spent on tracking and counting inventory. It also ensures that all your employees are seeing the same and most up-to-date versions of inventory due to the counts being in a centralized place.

Automatic supply chain processes

Manually tracking standing orders, renewals, and other supply chain contracts can be error-prone. Being late or all-around missing the delivery of a product not only wastes money but can also cause a disgruntled customer. By automating the supply chain process, you can make sure orders are never missed and contracts are always tracked with reminders. This can essentially eliminate supply chain errors and save both time and money. Automating both your supply chain and the inventory control process in tandem can ensure that you never run out of a product or have too much of one.

Centralized software updates

With cloud systems, all of the software required for your employees to perform their jobs exists on a single remote server, which is accessible from anywhere. This makes it a fairly straightforward process to install new software and apply updates in a single spot. These changes, made once in a centralized location, will then be readily accessible to all employees. It’s easy to see the time contrast between this and having to update and install software on all individual devices. Furthermore, having centralized software ensures all of your employees are working on the same version. This could avoid issues such as file format corruption and mismatches.

Reliable data storage

Hard drive failures have caused many headaches. The documents on a hard drive can represent hundreds of hours of hard work, and sadly, are oftentimes not backed up. Once a hard drive fails, it can be impossible to retrieve that lost work. Cloud systems provide services to automatically backup all your data with a second copy. Even in the case of a mistakenly deleted folder, it’s still possible to recover all that missing data.

It’s also possible to very easily search all of your documents with keywords. This allows users to quickly pull up any document they need with no time wasted on searching through folders.

These are only some of the ways that cloud ERP software and business automation solutions can save your company money. Contact us to learn more about these and other options that could be personally tailored to your business. With our proven track record in Utah of implementing cloud ERP systems, we are confident we can find an optimal solution for you.