Cloud computing is here to stay and for businesses that are still looking for ways to move into that space, it may be frustrating to deal with licenses based on restrictions for the number of users. That’s why we offer Transformation Resource Planning™ at Premier Computing.

TRP will elevate your business into the multi-cloud world. Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. TRP doesn’t restrict you based on the number of users or companies you need to utilize it.
  2. We’ve developed this for companies who’ve dealt with old-time ERP solutions.
  3. No more change orders.
  4. No more exceeding budgets.
  5. No more monotonous coding problems.
  6. No more timeline or budget extensions.
  7. No more stress over a massive ERP integration.
  8. Users can access it on any device at any time.
  9. It’s a full solution that includes financials, distribution, manufacturing, construction management, eCommerce, field services and more.
  10. Plus, you get the incredible customer service and track record of success from Premier Computing.

At Premier Computing, we’ve been in business for decades, which has required constant transformation as the industry has changed. In the 1950’s, we specialized in selling and servicing business equipment, specifically typewriters. We transitioned to servicing and providing computers, networking, and software products in the 1980’s. In the decades since then, our products and services have shifted at times in order to deliver on that promise. While our business model has shifted, our vision is still about helping clients find the tools to automate and manage their businesses.

We understand what it’s like to go through a business transformation. That’s why we have full confidence in being able to provide our customers with the best solution for automating and managing their businesses. We offer ERP solutions and consulting services with strong partnerships with Acumatica, Microsoft, and others, but have found that some businesses fit into a different scenario. That’s where our TRP solution comes in. Wondering if it’s the right fit for you?

If you’re ready to transform your business, we want to hear from you! Hop on over and drop us a note. We want to share even more with you about how a TRP solution from Premier Computing can provide you with today’s cloud computing benefits.