SalesPad is a product that expands the limits of Microsoft Dynamics GP. (For information on Microsoft Dynamics GP, check out our previous blog which highlights this product to see if it’s right for you.) If you’re a distribution or manufacturing company that’s currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP, SalesPad is a tool you may want to add because it can maximize effectiveness for your business functions by streamlining the ordering process from start to finish.


SalesPad takes a fantastic product like Microsoft Dynamics GP and adds dramatic improvements by making every process faster and more functional. Tailor each piece of the process to your needs and eliminate manual steps that would otherwise slow you down. SalesPad offers top-notch integrations for ecommerce, tax calculations, transaction processing, and more. You also will increase management over inventory control by gathering important data such as schedules, totals, and organization in real time. Orders can be processed more quickly, have the ability to be tracked at all times, and can be routed based on your preferences. From warehouse to customer, we guarantee your operations will be accelerated with SalesPad. Features include accurate inventory management, visibility into each step of your workflow, sales and order processing tools, custom manufacturing approaches, easy search and find capabilities, customer relation tracking, and a seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Your business can run more smoothly with SalesPad because it completes the package with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Your orders will be processed with full accuracy due to the ability to follow each step of the order fulfillment process. Customer relations will excel, too, because all the information your employees need is right at their fingertips. The searching capabilities are Excel-like, so your team can easily find whatever they want without the hassle of complicated approaches they’ve never used before. With the many benefits this program offers, your company can save time and money, and your employees can work more efficiently.

For manufacturers and distributors, finding ways to lower costs while also accelerating production without sacrificing quality takes a lot of time and work. The best way to achieve these goals is with automation. Incorporating some AI into your business can help you achieve a smarter workflow and reduces human error. Employees can focus their attention on tasks that are more effective which should help them feel more motivated to handle responsibilities that bring value to the workforce. Automating daily, tedious tasks will also save you money on labor expenses because you won’t have to hire someone to oversee these duties that can be handled well through the SalesPad program.

Bring an enhanced quality to your business processes by adding SalesPad to your Microsoft Dynamics GP setup. Premier Computing offers numerous options for automating businesses, and we can help you decide which plan is best for your specific needs. Our experts can help your company with automation services, IT support, consulting, development, procurement, and much more. Our company started in 1952—we’ve truly seen it all and have grown with the many technological advances throughout the years.