So, you started up that small business you’ve been dreaming about for years? Congratulations! Small business owners are typically in charge of many different responsibilities, which means some tasks may fall by the wayside and it’s likely you’ll get burned out fairly quickly. With smaller staff sizes, you’ll need a well-oiled machine right from the beginning. We know how important it is to be extra money wise during the first few years of business, especially for small businesses that may not have a huge capital safety net. Outside options for helping your business run smoothly might get pushed aside for budgetary reasons. But don’t forego automation services just yet. Automating certain tasks for your business can save you and your employees tons of time and headache, and it can save you money in the long run. You want to enjoy this new business venture, not feel overwhelmed with mundane processes. There are many reasons to look into business automation solutions right at the start up of your new business rather than waiting to see if you want to dive into this service later on, so many reasons, this blog is in two parts. Let’s get started:

Marketing Needs

Your small business needs consistent and reliable marketing. This can be an easily automated process by having automation software send email or direct mail campaigns to potential and current clients. You can also automate social media posts and online ads. Chat bots have become increasingly popular, answering many basic questions that don’t require an actual employee to be available 24/7. You’re probably gaining customers or clients at this stage, so lead management is another automation benefit. Systems can create categories for new prospects so they’re organized and managed. Don’t be afraid of the idea that these campaigns would be automated—you still have the control and power to edit and customize everything within the automation software. Marketing your small business is crucial, and it’s not something you want to give up control with. But marketing also takes up an enormous amount of time on processes that are very easily automated.

Financial Processes

This is another category that takes up so much of a business owner’s time. Automation can make anything from payroll to expenses to purchase contracts a breeze. Timesheets can be simplified with easy inputs, payroll can be set for auto deductions and distributions, expenses can be recorded by employees for easier and more accurate reimbursements, and much more. Whatever your small business needs, there’s an automated system that will work for you.

Supply Ordering and Inventory

If you’re in the business of selling products, doing inventory is probably a dreaded task. With a well-designed system, you can set up automatic ordering to ensure you’re never out of stock. Sometimes these systems can even be paired with your supply chain’s information so ordering can be made right as the manufacturer has your products ready rather than waiting too long and having them sell those good to someone else. Many systems can work with real-time sales, making sure you are as efficient as possible.

Check out our Part 2 to see more reasons why small businesses should opt for automated business solutions.