34448449_MFor those of us born before the early 1980s, our “computer labs” in school weren’t actually computer labs at all. They were classrooms with rows and rows of, you remember, typewriters. And the offices where we spent our work days? They definitely didn’t run on the technology that today’s workforce knows. Our offices were powered by, yes, typewriters. A lot has changed since those high school labs and business offices of decades ago!

Those very changes are how our business selling and servicing typewriters grew to become one of the largest, and most reputable, providers of ERP solutions in the intermountain area. We are Premier Computing, and this is the story of a software company thriving on innovation, with a long history of vision.

A software company with a history

In the days of “I Love Lucy,” “The Lone Ranger,” and “Dragnet” another star was born: All Makes Typewriters. Black-and-white television was a leap forward for mankind, and software companies were a distant thing of the future. This was Premier’s first business venture in 1952, and we prided ourselves in being a top provider of typewriter sales and service within the local business community.

Several decades later, when “Growing Pains,” “Knight Rider,” and “Three’s Company” became the shows we loved to watch at dinner time, we expanded our business to include calculators, the first primitive computers, printers, and even software. It was apparent that the needs of the business community were changing as rapidly as the offerings on TV, and it was time for Premier to adapt. Throughout the 1980s our focused changed to meet the demands for automated business processes and greater productivity. But we still didn’t consider ourselves to be a software company in South Jordan Utah. That wouldn’t happen until the next decade.

In the 1990s, All Makes Typewriters legally became Premier Computing, Inc. DBA Premier Computing Technologies. It was official! We had become a software company, offering hardware, software, and networking services to our business clients. Later in the 90s, we became a Microsoft Gold Partner, and our services grew to include networking, servers, development, and Dynamics ERP products in our lineup.

Growing into the 21st Century

With too many popular shows on television from 2007 to 2010 to list, Premier Computing dropped its DBA and became a dedicated software company focusing entirely on the selling, implementation, and support of Microsoft ERP software. During this time, Premier Computing built partnerships with over 20 companion software products to provide even better ERP solutions to our clients. In 2016, we ventured into the world of cloud solutions, and we’ve never looked back. Premier Computing is an authorized dealer of Acumatica ERP products, with many additional partnerships to enhance this unique ERP solution. What a ride it’s been!

Want to know more about our proven track record and commitment to innovation?

We’re proud to say that since those humble beginnings in the 1950s, Premier Computing has grown to become one of the largest ERP solution providers in the intermountain west. We have sold and implemented more than 400 ERP systems within the United States, with more clients in bordering countries to the north and south.

Our focus on innovation and a commitment to keeping up with ever-changing trends in technology is something that makes us unique as a software company in Utah. As our history has proven, we are invested in reinventing! From typewriters to smart technology, from automation and networking to cloud processing, we are confident in our ability to meet the demands of your computing needs.

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Learn more about the services we provide by visiting Premier Computing online, or by calling 1-800-458-2948. Our software developers in Cottonwood Heights Utah look forward to working with you!