70543637_SMany of our customers compete in an industry where commodities and prices drive the competition and success for their business and their competitors. The ability to improve their processes and cut down on costs requires insight into what’s happening at a specific moment in time. For businesses using innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as Acumatica, real-time monitoring provides them this insight, giving them the upper hand on the competition. The powerful combination of real-time analytics and business dashboards to visualize the data will help you see the incredible ROI you can find with an ERP solution.

Analytics Promotes Growth

When looking for areas of improvement and ways to cut costs, what is your strongest source of knowledge? Is it a long-time employee? Is it a slew of spreadsheets? Is it yourself?

Organizations with real-time monitoring have the ability to compile strong analytics, providing a transformational source of knowledge. When your decisions and pricing are driven by constantly updated data, you can stop spending time manually updating spreadsheets that are outdated minutes after you hit save! Instead, your focus turns towards growth.

Managing operations with analytics will become an essential part of your operations. Benefits include streamlining inventory, improved resource planning, finding problem areas faster, automated compliance regulations, and access to your data from anywhere and at any time.

Your Business Dashboards

An innovative ERP such as Acumatica shows your business at a glance through dashboards. They’re convenient to use, clear to understand, and will be powerful tools for driving your work. Communicating through visuals rather than words is powerful, and you’ll be able to see that at work.

Dashboards deliver your essential and complex data in a visual story that’s clear to understand. They can be tailored to the specific needs of departments or individuals. Your shipping and receiving team doesn’t need to see the same charts as HR or sales. Give them their own, unique charts and you’ll have them cheering.

In addition to role customization, your dashboards are also updated in real-time and mobile ready. Can you glance at charts on your smartphone that display key performance indicators?

Dashboards can also include data from external sources, combining your ERP system with other databases. This hybrid option allows you to see all of your information in one place. Some companies choose to use their ERP for all aspects of the business. Others have additional systems connected or wraparound, in-house developments. The ability to combine them all into powerful visuals gives you confidence in your decisions.

We are part of Acumatica’s worldwide network of partners. Throughout our 30 years of ERP implementation experience, we’ve been dedicated to helping our clients leverage ERP solutions. Acumatica offers a cloud-based solution that will unlock your business’s potential. Get a free consultation to help you accelerate growth. We’re excited to talk with you!