15763871_MIn the world of business, investing in anything (or anyone, for that matter) with the intent of increasing your sales or streamlining your processes means taking an initial risk. Risks can be scary, especially when they involve a first-time implementation of ERP software or a complete overhaul of your existing ERP software system.

The process of implementing or overhauling an ERP software system, though absolutely worth its weight in the long run, is not without its own challenges. When you consider the many steps involved, from evaluating what is needed to putting wheels in motion to performing maintenance to keep things running smoothly, adding the benefit of ERP business consulting to your project can make all the difference when it’s “go-time.”

For many businesses, resources are limited. Whether those limitations stem from available capital, human assets, time frames and deadlines, or existing hardware or software systems, you want to be sure you’re ready to handle whatever curve balls an ERP software system upgrade could throw your way. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons you should consider adding ERP business consulting to your arsenal.

Three reasons why ERP business consulting is worth the investment

  • An experienced ERP consultant can create a quicker, smoother process for your software implementation. The entire operation, including length of time, total cost, and overall transition, can be realistically anticipated with the help of a business consultant. This eliminates the crutch of hypothetical situations and undelivered (or under-delivered) promises as you navigate the implementation of an ERP system. Business consulting can provide guidance about industry standards and help prepare you for what’s around each corner, resulting in less expense and less stress!
  • Business consulting can provide an unbiased picture of what is needed. On the contrary, when an internal evaluation of a company’s weaknesses and strengths is made (for example, evaluating an existing ERP system), it can be hard for administrators and employees to remain neutral. The objective of any ERP business consulting worth its investment is to identify the software and hardware issues in need of improvement and provide clients with clear, unbiased solutions.
  • A business consultant can help identify the less obvious and long term benefits of ERP software implementation. While some benefits of an overhauled ERP software system are quickly and easily identified — for example, quickly looking at a company’s sales increases or cost reductions — other benefits cannot be measured so obviously, such as customer satisfaction ratings or improved interdepartmental communication. While the latter could certainly point to a successful ERP software implementation, how can you know for sure? Business consulting adds to your skill set the ability to gauge such indicators, and what they could mean for your company.

Is hiring a business consultant the right move for you?

The decision to hire an ERP business consultant as part of a company’s software solution plan is a personal one, but it’s a decision that should be made carefully. Not to be a gloomy rain cloud over your bright and shiny ERP implementation, but many things can go wrong and should be anticipated to avoid unnecessary frustration and stress. Budgets can be exceeded, existing hardware can be too outdated to support a new system, and human limitations and staffing issues can bring even the most well-thought plans to a standstill. How likely is it that your company can afford the time and resources to trouble shoot each one of these possibilities?

For established companies that have been around for decades, ERP evaluations have probably become more common place as most ERP systems go through an upgrade every 10 years or so. These companies may even have a dedicated team of software developers who work only with their own ERP systems. But if you’re one of the newer companies enjoying the business landscape of the 21st Century, your switch to a new or upgraded ERP system will most likely bring more than a few major challenges.

Working with our team of software developers in Cottonwood Heights Utah and adding the benefit of business consulting to your next ERP implementation can provide the relief you need in the midst of change. Contact us today to see what our business consulting services can do for you.