IOT, Automation, industry 4.0. Information technology in manufacturing concept. Smart factory.Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides tools to integrate all your business functions into one easy-to-manage system. It is Microsoft’s newest offering to help organizations manage their operations and integrate business processes. It can help improve efficiency and productivity and help your company grow.

As your business evolves, its needs do not stay the same. You need a modern digital solution to give you a competitive edge within your industry. The tools provided give you a transparent view of your business and all its processes, You’ll be able to pull reports when you need them with built-in analytics to help you stay informed and make business decisions quickly.

Here are some of the benefits Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Provides.

Accessibility: You can take your business on the go and access remotely with mobile capabilities supported by Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It supports 25 language capabilities for businesses with international operations or multi-lingual employees and clients to improve communication flow. Data encryption protects stored and transmitted data and protects it from unauthorized access.

Financial management: Data integration capabilities between accountancy, inventory, finance and purchasing will help you build real-time reports to identify trends within your organization. You’ll be able to track your organization’s financial performance with integrated account receivable and payable, general ledger, and account schedules reporting capabilities.

Supply chain optimization: Built-in capabilities help you analyze your organization’s inventory and sales forecasts so you’ll know when you need to order new inventory items. You can proactively engage with potential suppliers to find the best offers.

Sales management: You can track customer transactions with built-in capabilities to effectively manage the sales cycle including upselling and cross-selling. You can identify your best customer and offer them special pricing and discounts to optimize your organization’s revenue. With an overview of the complete sales process, you’ll be able to give customers updates quickly regarding pricing, delivery schedules, availability, and sales returns.

Project management: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has built-in capabilities to help you create and track projects with advanced reporting functions. You can develop, modify, and manage budget to keep your projects on track and ensure profitability.

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