Did you know our company started in 1952? Way back when typewriters were all the rage, we started as All Makes Typewriting, a sales and service organization. In the 80s and 90s, we changed our name and added tons of new equipment and services as tech started changing rapidly, bringing expertise and products to our loyal clientele. In 1997, we became a Microsoft Gold Partner, and in 2007, we officially became Premier Computing, Inc. Today, we provide ERP services for a variety of business types to match every need. Our ability to remain in business for almost 70 years shows how focused and committed we are to our clients and to the needs of the ever-changing business world in the United States.

What Exactly is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a way for businesses to utilize software for the management of their day-to-day business. Accounting, project management, compliance and risk management, operations, procurement, and budgeting all fall under this ERP umbrella. Today, ERP is vital to the success of a company, ensuring the management of your business practices are productive and accurate. With a well-implemented ERP system, your business will experience reduced financial risks and operational costs because of better practices and streamlined business processes, and improved efficiency and collaboration from employees’ abilities to utilize the data through an integrated system. Our consultants assess your current operation in order to identify the best approach for your needs not just right now but for the future as well. If you have an old ERP system that worked in the past but not anymore, you will definitely benefit from our Transformation Resource Planning (TRP) service. The switch may sound daunting, but with Premier in your corner, the process is as flawless as possible.


At Premier Computing, we also offer consulting services, which means we can create whatever system works best for your unique needs and goals. We collaborate with you to build a strategy that creates opportunities for growth and adds value to your company. Our solution-based approach ensures we get the outcomes you are looking for in a way that speaks to the integrity of your business.

A Company You Can Trust

We understand the complexity of managing business practices effectively. Our professional team has implemented over 500 ERPs over the last 25 years, earning us an A+ with the Better Business Bureau with zero customer complaints. From distribution services to healthcare organizations, government agencies to financial industries, and non-profit entities and more, our high-quality services are a huge asset to company productivity. Local to Utah, we have knowledgeable professionals who are committed to the betterment of the people and businesses in our community. And with our extensive background, you can have confidence that we only use industry best practices, implementing them in way your company needs most. Over 200 companies have trusted in our direct, effective, and up-front services. From the smallest of tasks to the largest of endeavors, each project is addressed with equal concern and care.