Rushing an office move or expansion project may seem like a good plan at first. After all, downtime for your company is expensive, and moving is never enjoyable so it’s tempting to want to just get it over with. But more often than not, a rushed move with employees taking the load results in big issues and ends up costing more money. Instead, designate a team for the project and bring in a professional to ensure you’re addressing everything. Here are some reasons why you want to bring in an expert:

  1. Save time and money – Professional movers have a wealth of experience, and they know how to be efficient. With a moving team, they can orchestrate everything to ensure minimal disruption. Don’t forget IT movers in this task. Wiring and tech demands need to be addressed at the new space first to make sure it’s set up and ready to roll as soon as employees arrive. An IT team also needs to be at the ready when moving time comes to ensure everything gets transferred correctly.
  2. Provide peace of mind – Knowing a skilled team has the move under control will lower the stress levels for not only decision makers, but everyone involved. Professional moving teams move people all day, it’s their job and their skillset. This means they’re not stressing over the little things like you may be because they know they have everything covered. The right team will be a well-oiled machine, eliminating unnecessary disruptions or problems.
  3. Prevent potential insurance issues – When you ask employees to take on physical demands they aren’t normally expected to do, such as moving heavy boxes or furniture, accidents or injuries are likely. Avoid this risk by hiring a team to assist you. Again, IT is included in this. Employees should not be moving servers or critical data, place that responsibility on a trained expert.
  4. High attention to detail – Expanding or moving can be stressful, even if it’s a positive experience. High stress situations rarely promote a healthy and productive work environment. With a professional moving team, employees feel less agitated and more able to focus on their work. They know a qualified team is handling the big stuff, so they can manage their little world like they need to. It’s horrible to show up at the new space just to have everything not working well. An IT team can help your team get set up an on their way quickly, even if some of their other personal possessions are still boxed.
  5. Set up efficient workflow – Your new space needs to be designed in a way that is efficient to your employees’ workflow. Winging an office move often results in a poor set up, both physically and with tech needs. This will frustrate your employees and lower productivity. Rather, get some help on the design of the space and make sure the set up is conducive to your company’s style of collaboration.

For an expert on your virtual needs during a physical move, contact Premier Computing.