11700116 - professional women in the workforceImplementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for your business is about more than replacing software and spreadsheets. It’s about improving processes within your business. Some of the greatest returns on your investment come in how ERP improves everyday tasks for your employees. Take these 5 reasons and you’ll get a glimpse of the benefits ERP users enjoy.

  1. Ditch the manual record keeping. Many businesses depend on software or spreadsheets that no longer support their growth and require expensive man hours for manual record keeping. Automate tasks such as creating sales orders, generating financial reports, providing accurate quotes, even detecting faults in manufacturing production in real time. You can do all of this, plus more with a great ERP platform such as Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  2. Get rid of redundant data entry. Sure, ERP really stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, but it also represents Ending Redundant Practices because that’s one area where it delivers! When you have all of your business streamlined through one system, you eliminate duplicate entries that you had to do when using multiple software programs. This is an immediate decrease in labor costs. One entry into the ERP platform means the information is available instantly through all areas of operation. You’ll also reap savings in decreased errors due to data entry mistakes or incomplete information.
  3. Create or recreate your business process maps. If you don’t already have a visual of the current state of workflows, we can analyze them and put together a clear picture. They may include examples such as Quote to Order, Order to Payment and others. If you do, let’s review that visual, update it and step back to see a clear picture of how things flow through the business.
  4. Implement industry best practices. When you review your business process flow with us, we will find gaps between how it’s currently being done and the best practices for success within your industry. After the analysis, we can design new processes that cut down on manual entry, duplicate work and more!
  5. Eliminate wasted time. Once you’ve rolled out your new solution, you’ll see improved productivity throughout the business. You’ll get a more complete picture of better results in areas such as quality, overtime, inventory and more. Ditch those old manual methods that required unproductive time from your workforce. They’ll thank you for streamlined processes, and you’ll jump for joy over the improvements.

When considering the right ERP, many businesses focus on the functionality of the software to match offers with needs. However, when you shift your perspective to include business process improvement on your checklist, you’ll develop a clear picture of the full value ERP offers your business. Contact us today and partner with one of the largest and most reputable ERP solution providers in the intermountain area.