Successful distributors have an active, focused sales team that can match your products and services to the right customers.  However, as they are building sales, your warehouse could be slowly eroding those budding business relationships.  Inaccurate shipments, backorders, and slow deliveries can cause customers to think twice about engaging with your business.  Make sure the warehouse can keep up with your sales team by implementing a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Your sales team is getting the orders, yet the warehouse is scrambling to meet demand.  Disparate, specialty systems could be the reason for a big disconnection between your sales team, order processing and customer service, and the warehouse, which can soon become your downfall.  Streamline the sales process by getting everyone on the same page, including customers, with an innovative ERP solution.

Improve communication and collaboration by using a single, stronger ERP solution for all of your business operations.  Your sales team can enter orders, customer service teams can monitor customer accounts, and the warehouse can process orders faster when your data is within easy reach in ERP.  At each step your people can access real-time data and answer customer questions about available inventory, historical orders, or the status of a current order.  You can also open a secure self-service portal for your customers to access.  Not only will your customers be impressed, your people can save time from the redundant data entry often necessary when using disparate systems.

A robust ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP also offers the ability to identify trends within your data.  You may discover which products are increasing in popularity and respond faster when safety stock levels are getting low.  Similarly, discovering items that are less popular can guide the procurement team to avoid overstocking these items so that you aren’t stuck with inventory that you can’t sell.  In addition, with a closer eye on customer needs, fast and slow moving inventory, and trending products, you can set up the warehouse to streamline the pick, pack, and ship process; improving productivity and getting products in customer’s hands with greater efficiency.

Support your sales and warehouse teams by providing stronger business technology.  Contact Premier Computing, Inc. and make sure your warehouse can keep up with sales with ERP.

By Premier Computing, Inc., a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Utah