90462983 - enterprise resources planning business and technology concept.Choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is kind of like buying a house or selecting a new car. You have already made a smart decision by investing in something that will benefit you (or in this case, your business) for many years to come. You know there are many good options out there. Whichever decision you make will provide a benefit in some way.

So, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for and what your non-negotiables are. For your new home, is it more important to have a short commute or to be in a great neighborhood? For a new car, would you rather have more room to haul all of your family’s stuff or something that provides the best gas mileage? Getting into the nitty gritty details will ultimately lead to the most satisfaction in the long run.

The same can be said for choosing an ERP solution. If you know your company’s needs inside and out, you will be better equipped to know exactly what you are hoping to get out of an ERP.

The main tenets of a good ERP solution take into account how it can make your business more productive; how its functionality will work across all of your departments; what technology you will need to invest in or how the ERP will incorporate into your existing technology. Also, how will the ERP provide long-lasting value to your business.

Here are some things to consider under each tenet when designing an ERP solution that works for your business.


The main reason to switch to an ERP is to ensure that your employees will be more productive. To accomplish that, make sure that your ERP is easy to use for everyone. Another key factor is the ability to implement the cloud in order to work remotely. This allows for the greatest flexibility in your business when your employees are able to take the work they do where ever they go.

Another way to increase productivity in your workplace is to create a better workflow through automation of common processes. A good ERP solution includes a heavy dose of automation to ensure accuracy in repetitive tasks and free up your employees for more specialized work.


A huge benefit of implementing an ERP solution is the ability to add multiple users and multiple companies to one overall system. This allows seamless communication between all departments of a business, working in tandem with other entities as needed, too. The best way to see this functionality in action is to think of the e-commerce process. You need a system that can take an order, process it and send it to the warehouse and then get it shipped out. Along the way, you need to process payment and update inventory so that you always know how much you have in stock.

The functionality you need for your business varies from what another company might need. That is the best part of a fully serviced ERP — you get exactly what you need in order to operate your business. You can integrate the software you need to run your business and get the IT support for every piece of it.


One of the best parts of an ERP system is moving to the cloud. Your business becomes so much more flexible as it becomes mobile. The technology advancements in cloud-based software are top of the line. With the proper IT support, you do not need to worry about cyber attacks with the cloud. It can be just as secure as computer-based software systems.

Moving to the cloud can also cut down on initial IT costs since there is not a massive overhaul of devices and technology. Plus, you can coordinate with IT professionals when you actually need assistance. This also can help monitor risks in real time instead of hoping that your systems are secure when you are not in the office. This technology can be more efficient and put your mind at ease.


Above all, your ERP solution should emphasize the value that it brings to your company. You should be able to see the benefits of using it every day, not just on certain tasks. You should have a seamless experience throughout every fiscal quarter and in every function of your business.

There should also be a reduced cost to you as your company grows since an ERP is flexible enough to expand with you when and where you need it to. You can add the resources you need at the pace you need to add them. This helps you invest in other parts of your business with the money that you save. Businesses that embrace a total ERP solution are nimble enough to scale quickly.

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