3D cloud security conceptIs the software you’re using for your manufacturing or construction processes keeping your data secure? With the hyper-connectedness of businesses today, if you’re not thinking about cybersecurity, your business will become a victim. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “It could never happen to me,” but cyber criminals don’t care about the size of a business or the industry they’re in. Anyone that looks like an easy target, they’ll go after.

One of our services at Premier Computing is providing businesses with automation solutions, specifically through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. We pride ourselves on finding the right software solution to fit the needs of our customers and for many, that is the cloud ERP, Acumatica. Designed and built specifically for the web, their software gives you the flexibility and scalability for the cloud. But is it safe to store your business data in the cloud? Here are three of the ways Acumatica provides security and privacy for your data:

  1. Your data is protected 24/7. Storing your data in the cloud with Acumatica means it will have regular, scheduled backups to provide you with protection in the event it needs to be restored. The data is also distributed across servers in multiple geographic locations for added protection.
  2. You’ll have dedicated resources that cover security. Many businesses they work with don’t have expert cybersecurity team members; you can depend on Acumatica’s instead. Their business is providing secure cloud data services, which includes keeping security software updated and patched, providing comprehensive monitoring and setting up multi-layered protection.
  3. Access is tightly controlled. Your team members will use Acumatica through a web browser, which means you don’t have to monitor which machines software gets installed on. Also, we will help you set up role-based security so employees have access to only the data they need. Whether they log in from their work computer or a mobile device, they only have the rights you’ve granted for them.

For businesses without a large IT staff, using Acumatica’s Cloud ERP gives access to strong security and privacy for their data without the price tag of adding cybersecurity professionals to the team. It also gives you the benefit of automation so you no longer deal with systems that don’t talk to each other or make decisions with outdated information.

We can show you how ERP can provide your business with better processes, giving you access to up-to-date data for making business decisions. And it’s secure and safe. Give us a call today!