111082592 - cloud computing conceptAn important part of business consulting, within any industry, is understanding that every business has a backbone. This “backbone” is the key structure of your business model, and is the piece that lends support to every other element and function of your company.

When it comes to getting your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your organization, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the way to do exactly this. In other words, ERP is the backbone. Business consulting with our company allows our ERP experts an opportunity to deliver the very best in today’s ERP services, and provides your company with the streamlined technology that will boost your business’s growth.

We understand that no two companies are alike and yet, the profound benefits of ERP are crucial for every organization that wants to grow. The correct software, along with the correct implementation and customization, brings business and financial systems to light. You can’t fix a problem you can’t see, right? Business consulting helps to shine a light on every unique element of your business’s operations, increasing efficiency and productivity in the long term, and painting a clear, concise picture in the short term.

How does this work? We’re glad you asked!

Premier Computing provides results through business consulting

We offer business consulting to help define an accurate picture of what your business is doing, where it’s headed, and what it’s capable of becoming! If you’re interested in achieving faster, more targeted results, our business consulting services include:

  • Professional, streamlined project management with years of experience
  • Expert industry experience with a friendly, knowledgeable team
  • Rapid “go live” project plans and implementation
  • Industry best practices with a thorough understanding of the what, when, where, and why of ERP
  • Business process automation
  • Customized, world-class software solutions targeted to your exact needs
  • Integration and development expertise
  • Cost effective tools, industry-best practices

An important step in the business consulting process is listening. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet, how often do you really feel listened to when discussing the vision of your company? We will listen to your needs, and tailor your ERP system to meet those needs. One of the incredible benefits of ERP system implementation is the ability to customize the system to do exactly what you want it to do. Our experienced consultants are here to guide you through each stage of ERP implementation, and will recommend solutions as we go.

When it’s time to deploy your software, our technical team can take you to the Cloud, or host your system on site. We can also deploy Microsoft software in a hybrid cloud. Whichever deployment makes sense for your business, we will work with you to make sure your data is– and will remain– well-protected.

ERP software and its implementation can seem overly complex. After all, it is a backbone, and backbones carry the entire nervous system and support the “command center.” But our goal as your business consulting partner is to simplify these processes so that you can do what you’re best at — running your business.

What makes Premier unique?

With a client retention rate of 95 percent, we like to let that number speak for itself. It is a testament to our success of working with all kinds of businesses in all kinds of industries, in ERP implementation, customized software applications and development, networking services and IT support.

We’ve been consulting businesses like yours for more than two decades. Whether you’re looking to replace outdated technology, automate tailored processes, or would like a thorough assessment of current practices to identify solutions to meet your goals and needs, our business consultants have the experience and professionalism to take you there.

Contact Premier Computing to find out how today’s technology and ERP implementation and automation can deliver that all-important ROI you’re looking for.