27378408 - signpost with customer satisfaction wordingAre you trying to decide if a Cloud ERP is the right fit for you? We want to highlight a set of powerful tools included when we set your business up with Acumatica’s Cloud ERP. These tool can help you cut down on customer response times, lower support costs, and improve both billing accuracy and customer satisfaction. Here’s the scoop on Service and Support Automation:

Acumatica’s service and support automation

Within the Cloud ERP, Support and Case Management provides you with the ability to accept, track, and bill customer support cases. Whether your business would capture these by a service representative, exported from an external system, through email, or directly from the customer using a convenient online portal, these are all supported workflows.

Customer relationship transparency

When interacting with customers, give your team the visibility into the business relationship by collecting all data in one place. Using Acumatica, cases are automatically linked to customers as are contracts, service plans and documentation.

Automated process workflow

Once a case is entered, you define the next steps. An example workflow might start with a customer entering a service request directly from your online portal, which sends an email notification to your Support Manager, who can assign it to the appropriate rep. That support rep would see the case on the dashboard where all communications between your business and the customer are captured. While out on the service call, that rep would use any browser-enabled device to enter the tasks performed. Once the case is successfully closed, a user can release it and initiate billing. Your customer receives an invoice based on the contract, whether billable by hour or a part of a monthly plan.

Seamless integration

Customer support interacts with all components of your Acumatica system giving you the following example integrations and benefits: CRM and ordering integration, allowing you to view customer interactions and order history; accounting, where you could see customer-specific service billing; and an employee portal, easily automating employee time sheets by recording case activities.

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