It can be tough to narrow down an IT support company for your office. There are a lot of companies out there to choose from, and to be honest, there are many good ones. Having a wide selection is nice, but it makes the final decision a little tough. Premier Computing is just that—premier. We are the best of the best and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and highly trained, highly knowledgeable team. While you’re scouring the market for a technical support company, there are some basic offerings that you will definitely want to look for. So, before you decide, make sure these considerations are at the forefront of their services:

  1. Basic tech support – this may be a given, but even with smart technology today, you need to know that when something goes wrong, your provider is available and ready to come to the rescue quickly. Find out their expertise and response time to even the smallest of tech issues. Customer reviews are a great way to research this. Basic tech support should include phones, printers, computers (set up and repairs), servers, and other office equipment.
  2. Cloud services and file servers – whether you opt for a large file server that holds all your company data on site or a cloud system (or both, which is great, too), you need to make sure the company you choose is well versed in handling your needs. Ensure they have the right options for your company’s current and possible future needs.
  3. Email communication – Communication through email is still the most common way for a company to transfer information. Email must be secure, data must be stored accurately, and restrictions/access must be flawless. For a simple conversation method that is highly important, make sure you know this data exchange is in the right hands.
  4. Remote access – your IT provider needs to be able to set up virtual desktops so your employees have remote access especially in today’s world where remote work is in high demand. Creating a watertight system where employees can seamlessly transition from in-office work to at-home work is critical to overall productivity and efficiency.
  5. Security – the security of your data should be your IT provider’s number one concern. Make sure they implement secure measures such as two-factor authentication, routine data backups, access measures for employees, and safe data sharing. They need to proactive about attacks but also have ready-to-implement plans in place in case something does happen.
  6. Office equipment – your IT company should have the capability to provide and service office equipment such as the phone systems, copy and print machines, network routers and equipment, and more. Even if they don’t sell the products, they should be able to work with the manufacturers to get things running and keep up on technical maintenance needs.

A productive company requires exceptional technical capabilities. Make sure your company has the support they need with a skilled tech company like Premier Computing on your side.